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Complimentary Aurora Photography

Northern Light Photography Tour by Benz Sprinter
(Small Group)


Euro 68

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being meeting with Aurora and having nice photos with Northern Lights, then look no further than our exclusive Northern Light Photography Tour. Our specialized Northern Light guides cum photographers will take care of all the necessary works, including finding the best places for Aurora sighting and photography. We will also prepare all necessary equipment, including good DSLR camera for making your trip to be remarkable. Feel free to enjoy your time with Aurora at Iceland.

3 Days Southern Iceland Comfort Minibus Tour

4 Days From West to North of Icland


Euro 650

Looking to experience breathtaking scenery with local viewpoints of Iceland ? If you are, then our Southern Iceland Tour is a great travel option for you. We will take care of all the logistics — from accommodations, transport and food, to guided tours at iconic landmarks. Our Southern Iceland Tour is your chance for a completely new experience.

Euro 850

Are you looking forward to discover more about Iceland? If so, then our West to North of Iceland Tour is a right choice for you. West and North of Iceland are much different from the south. There are fjord, volcanoes, lake and waterfalls which most of them are at highland and within valleys.  If you want to see Iceland from a different perspective, then this is the trip for you.


Kuang JB

Thanks to Beautiful Planet and New Horizons for our 8 pax Personalised Tour led by Guide Mr Lucas ( 2nd March to 11th March.)
1)Thank God for the great weather and journey mercy 
2) Be prepared to be amazed by the view and adventure 
3) whole day outing and night Aurora Hunting. We manage to capture 8 nights out of 11 nights hunting . 
4) We covered all the site at our pace and always ahead of the big group. Good timing and planning by our guide.
5) overall memorable experience with fond memories . 
6) We have best time of our life.
7) I celebrate my Birthday. Surprised treat by Lucas. 
8)All the best to Beautiful Planet and Guide Lucas. Cheers.

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